Transite Company

Welcome to Transite, your one stop solution for payment processing, fraud prevention, investments and business consultation. Along with our online business academy, our aim is to provide you with the best guidance to make your online casino business efficacious and rewarding.

If you own and operate an online casino, then chances are that you are searching for new ways to attract new customers whilst making sure that you’re protected against payment frauds. Transite offers a package solution to make sure that your casino business thrives in a difficult industry by providing a safe and secure payment processing system ironing out any bugs to give your customers the best casino journey possible on your website. Furthermore, our system puts a stop to fraudulent payments and rogue customers.

Safeguard your business with our solid prevention fraud management tool and services.

About the company

The company started out of the desire and need to fight payment fraud and to offer a safe and secure environment for casino players to play at. With the founders’ having over 10 years of experience of working in the casino industry under their belt, they are confident in supplying the perfect solution to cut down on fraudulent activity and providing expert business consultation to make your online casino have the best start possible.

We are dedicated in supplying the best training and business advice available. This is why our online business academy will act as a point of reference for those who need to excel in their career. Learn more about our services here (LINK)

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Where are we based

Based in the Kamppi district in the heart of Hensinki, Transite can be easily reached from Olavinakatu. If you’re travelling by car, you can easily park in the 250 car parking garage next door free of charge.

If you’re travelling by public transport, you can take either take the metro and stop right next to the office in Kamppi or else take the bus from Espoo. The bus terminus is outside our office so getting here is not a problem.

Our founders

The company was founded by Mikko Lahtonen and Teemu Post in 2009 to satisfy and feed the need of creating a company that fights payment fraud. It then further expanded to provide expert business consultations for online casinos as well as helping in terms of setting up investments.

The two founders both had a career in the online casino business, first by moving to Sweden, followed by 8 years in Malta before returning to Finland to set up the company in 2009.

Since then the company has become the number one provider for payment fraud prevention, pioneering exclusive technology that puts an immediate stop to fraudulent activity whilst also cutting down on the extensive payment process. In fact, the success lies in developing a safe and secure system to stop payment fraud in its tracks.

Our effective solution aims to change the landscape of international payments whilst reducing severely destructive and unguarded exposure to fraud without affecting the way your website runs to reduce impact on customer experience.

Our Customers

We are a big provider for gaming companies, such as Mr Green for example. Mr Green Bonus system uses our service and they have been very satisfied working it us. We of course have other clients as well and in different business sectors as well. We provide solutions to eCommerce owners and also operate in other areas that are related to web services.