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Fraud Prevention: One of the most significant operational activities in your casino business is fraud prevention and the constant monitoring of player activity when it comes to inward payments.

Transite is your one-stop shop for payment processing and fraud prevention by allowing your company to process safe and secure, multi-channels payments around the globe. We employ a selected number of secure measures along with players’ card payment service providers and banking institutions to test each and every transaction to prevent scams and fraudulent activity. This includes the regularity of use, the players’ IP address and location, previous bank transactions, the client’s identification details and transaction cross matching to mention a few.

Our complex system applies the use of 3D-enabled facilities such as Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, which deliver advanced customer verification and authentication prior to each transaction. They further re-direct players to their own card-issuer’s website to supply a password only known to the cardholder and the card-issuer to authenticate the transaction. These measures are put into place to protect genuine clients and prevent fraud.

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Payment Processing: Get rid of 85% of your workload spent going through hundreds of supplier payments with Transite’s payment solution. We remove the manual effort and any unnecessary time wasted that can lead to human error. You will no longer have to process invoices, spend time making and reconciling payments or collecting merchants’ information as our payment solution will allow you to monitor your transaction activity in real time. Furthermore, it will manage risk and protect your company from fraud and allow you to upload and process batches in no time.

Our easy-implementable API’s give you the power to accept fast payments either through your website or mobile app. Transite further operates an automated system that automates dispute processes by eliminating chargebacks before it happens. So you will be able to fully prevent chargebacks from taking place by putting an immediate stop to fraudulent transactions before they get processed.

  • Allows you to accept and process payments from around the world
  • Accepts safe payments via a PCI-compliant system
  • It eases your business operations by eliminating manual tasks that waste time
  • Settles disputes in your behalf by eliminating chargebacks

Investments: Transite will assist you in investing in the early stage of your online casino startup. Based in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, we invest throughout Europe with our main area of expertise being Scandinavia. We help founders and directors to focus on product business by finding the ideal casino and market to keep on scaling up.

Transite has an independent and focused team who will give you the attention required to make sound decisions when it comes to casino startups. We are able to move quickly and to give your company the time and attention to get started on the right foot.

We understand the key issues entailed with casino startups and the problems that this sector faces. Because this is our area of expertise and competence, we are able to maximize the help we provide to you to create the best possible investments.

  • We will invest in the early stages and focus on seed investments to ensure enough capital
  • We will carry out all the necessary reserve based on location
  • We will make essential connections between you and the companies we invest in.

Transite also has its own business academy. Learn more about our academy here (LINK)