“The training on Transite’s online business academy is easy and simple to use. And from a business and customer’s standpoint, it is very intuitive and dummy-proof. The courses I attended were all taught by professionals and entrepreneurs who have been through the ropes. For me, that boosted my confidence that I can also start my business and be successful. My favourite lecturer was Paul who showed us how to develop a casino product, including the various aspects of each game and how to profit from every transaction. He essentially armed me with all the tools necessary to make my startup have the best start possible whilst helping me avoid common and costly mistakes.” – Jack Broughton at LuckyLuck

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“It has been a lifesaver having Transite’s fraud prevention software for my online casino business. Transite is a household name and we thought we’d go with the best by using their software and we haven’t had any problems since. In fact, the system uses card verification system to thwart off any rogue transactions. It is such an easy program to use that I just don’t know how we managed to survive without having this software. In fact, it has saved us lots of time and hassle, not to mention unnecessary complications and frustration. I’m so glad we made this step forward to keep our customers safe and secure and most importantly keep my online casino business protected.” – Paul Marx and Honk Honk Casino.


“Thank you so much for your payment processing tool. It has saved us so much hassle. It has revolutionalised the way our finance department handles transactions. Whereas before it used to take them hours upon hours of work, now Transite’s payment processing tool has made transactions simple and readily available in a matter of seconds. Not only does it accept payments via a safe PCI-compliant system but it also settles disputes on our behalf by eliminating chargeback and saving us hundreds of euros. Whenever I travel I like to monitor transactions and the system allows me to access and process payments wherever I am from either my laptop or mobile phone.

On top of that, Transite helped me with making sound investment decisions by providing me with the necessary research. I didn’t know where to get started and they laid out everything for me in a clear and concise manner. I’m ecstatic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” June McWhat at Worldly Possessions

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If you’re ready to set up shop, then don’t fail to contact us so we can help you along the way. Whether you’re starting out or are already running an established online casino, we have the necessary expertise to make sure that your company is successful from the word ‘go’.

If you want to attend a course at Transite’s online business academy, need business advice on investments or require a quick payment solution and fraud prevention, just send us an email on contactus@transite.fi and one of our customer support agents will contact you within 24 hours.

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