Build your own business from scratch with Transite’s Online Business Academy. Our educational and detailed courses will help you learn the ropes of being a business owner and to be successful. Work at your own pace and learning style to build up your success.

Transite’s Online Business Academy offers a broad range of specialist digital business courses, ranging from building brands from scratch to running online marketing campaigns, developing your own products and raising finance. We offer a gateway to gain the necessary and essential business skills you require to survive in a digital world.

Every course entails short video tutorials, practical tips from experts and fellow entrepreneurs who have gone through it all and most importantly putting the skills learnt into use with hands-on tasks to help you practice what you’ve learned.

For every course you successfully complete, you will earn a certificate and an award which you can add to your Curriculum Vitae.

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Courses available at Transite’s Online Business Academy

Building a Casino Brand

This detailed online branding courses will help you build a robust and meaningful brand that is aesthetically and conceptually different from your competitors to make you stand out. You will learn how to develop your company’s brand equity and how to get the best out of the marketplace by maximizing reach and effectiveness.

You will successfully learn to:

  • Determine the elements of creating a strategy for your brand
  • Develop brand positioning that entices new customers
  • Attract and retain clients
  • Measure the success of your brand in the marketplace

Develop your Casino Product

This courses will describe and go into details about casino products – slots, table games and live casino. It will also cover the process of product vision, designing and building your own casino product and testing it.

You will successfully learn to:

  • Develop your own casino product and manage it
  • Do usability test on your casino products with real clients
  • Agile development and product development

Setting up an online casino business

If you’ve got a business idea but don’t know where to get started, this courses will help you set up shop whilst guiding you to avoid common mistakes that business owners make. This business courses covers how to set up your business including recruitment employees, value proposition and how to scale. You will also meet fellow entrepreneurs of small business who will teach you the ropes.

You will successfully learn to:

  • Set up a business according to the correct protocol
  • Finding your first recruits
  • Handling capital and bonds

How to handle customers

Once you have your business set up, you need to attract customers. This course will teach you how to manage different types of customers who are attracted to your online casino. It will empower you with the necessary understanding of every type of available client.

You will successfully learn to:

  • Turn leads into customers
  • Follow the customer’s journey and how this can affect your business
  • The difference between marketing and sales and how they can each be applied

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